The Birth and Development of the Nazi Party

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The Birth and Development of the Nazi Party Before 1928

  • Started as the DAP founder by Drexler in1919,
  • Changed name to NSDAP a year later,
  • Also in 1920 Drexler and new member Hitler set out 25 point program,
    • Anti Versailles,
    • Anti Semitic,
    • Anti Capitalist,
  • By December the Party had grown in size due to the work new members including Hitler, Rohm and Rosenberg,
  • By mid-1921 Hitler was the driving force behind the movement,
  • In the following three years Hitler consolidated his leadership and influence, he was the Party Chairman by July 1921,
  • This was followed by the creating of the SA (Storm Troopers), the Nazi street fighters. Were led by Rohm.

The Nazis had:

a Nazi Salute, a Clear Party Identity and a Uniform.

Hitler also introduce some important…


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