Was the Nazi Take over legal?

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  • Was the Nazi take over a legal revolution?
    • The Nazis were the largest part in the Reichstag. This is legal as they were voted for. Also Hindenburg selected Hitler to be Chancellor.
      • However, this was not done trough typical political processes and was kept a secret. The back stairs intrigue was negotiations with Papen to make Hitler chancellor and Hindenburg agreed.
        • However, this cannot been seen as an illegal act as not laws were broken it is just morally questionable.
    • Hitler passed the Enabling act in march 1933 to increase his power. This was legally passed through getting majority on parliament.
      • However, he only gained 2/3 majority by preventing communists taking their seats after the Reichstag fire by using terror and violence.
        • However, he also gains majority through legal was of making deals with the entre party to gain their support.  Therefore, the passing of this cat was more legal than non legal.
    • Hitler consolidated his power by passing the law against the formation of new parties in July 1933. This is a legal as only his party is legal to exist
      • However, Parties dissolved them self (DVVP and the Centre party) due to fear and intimidation caused by the Nazis.
        • However, the law is still legal as it was passed through parliament and was not Hitler forcing it  on people.
  • Yes
    • No


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