Factors that consolidated Nazi rise to power

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There are several factors that helped Hitler and the Nazi Party rise to power. The major factors are -

  • The Popualrity Of The Nazi Party 

The Nazi Party were a popular party, evidence of this is shown in the July 1932 elections which gave the Nazi's 37.3% and became the largest party in the reichstag. This helps it establish itself as a legitmate party

However this doesn't mean that the president would make an immediate offer of chancellorship as the president could appoint a Chancellor independant of their populariy. There were other factors that had to be considered to make sure Hitler would gain power, it wasn't the persuasive factor

  • Support From The Conservative Elite

Elite such as the Hjalmar Schact, Gustav Krupp and industrialists represented IG Farben put pressure on Hindenburg to appoint Hitler. The reason for this is because the traditional elites would be able to control the government while harnessing popular support for the Nazis in order to stabilise the government. The conservative elite were able to persuade Hindenburg on a personal level and informed him that the…


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