Hitler takes control

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  • Hitler takes control
    • President Hindenburg did not appoint Hitler as Chancellor straight away despite the electoral results as he believe that Hitler could not be trusted
      • First he appointed Franz Von Papen and old experieneced politican and then Kurt Von Schleicher an old friend of Hindenburg, but they did not have any supporters
        • On 30 January 1933 Hitler was appointed as Hindenburg though he could control him but he feared his extremist views and ideas
    • In November 1932 Nazi votes decreased by 4% as people became very suspicious of Nazi approaches e.g. SA who beat up opponents in public
      • This was seen as too violent and brutal
    • March 1933 A new election was organised by Hitler with the hope to gain a majority of votes so the Nazis could make laws despite the other parties in parliament
      • His popularity was due to his ownership of radios and newspapers and his control of the police who beat up opponents. He gained 10.8% votes
    • The Night of the Long Knives
      • The SA had always been Hitler's private army of thugs since 1921 and played a significant role in his rise to power in the 20s and 30s
        • They protected Nazi meetings and attacked opponents
        • In 1933 they reached a strength of 4 million
      • Their leader, Ernest Roehm wanted them to join the army
        • The army did not want them as they were described as drunks and thieves
        • Hitler was now afraid the SA could rise against him
      • 30 June 1934
        • Hundreds of regional SA leaders including Roehm were arrested on Hitler's order, taken to prison and shot dead
          • This was committed by Hitler's ** who were fiercely loyal to him
            • After this date, the ** led by Heinrich Himmler was to be become more powerful in Nazi Germany


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