How did Hitler change Germany from a democracy to a nazi dictatorship, 1933-1934?

AQA Modern World History GCSE based on the syllabus.

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How did the Nazis win the March 1933 elections?

  • They controlled the news media.
  • Opposition meetings were banned.
  • They used the SA to terrorise opponents.
  • A fire broke out in the Reichstag building, and Hitler whipped up opposition against the Communists, who said he started it.
  • Hitler used emergency decrees to pass measures against terrorists - Communists were arrested so that people wouldn't vote for them.
  • In March 1933, Hitler forces through his Enabling Act.
  • On the 'Night of Long Knives', Hitler removes the opposition of Rohm.
  • Hitler takes over from Hindenburg and is now called 'Der Fuhrer'.
  • The Nazis won 288 seats but no majority - the Communists still won 81.
  • Hitler declared the Communist party illegal.
  • This gave him support in parliament to bring in an Enabling Act which was passed with threats and bargaining in March 1933.
  • This Act let him govern for four years without parliament and made all other parties illegal. Hitler was almost in full control.
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