SA a threat or not to Hitler and control over Nazi party?

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Were the SA a threat to Hitler and his control ove

  • The army is well trained and organized.
  • The SA is formed of committed Nazis andhas over 2.5 million members.
  • Rohm is an old friend of Hitler.
  • How loyal the Army would be to Hitler was unknown.
  • The SA was beginning to act out of hand. It was interfering with running the country.
  • Rohm stood at Hitler's side during the Munich Putsch in 1923.
  • Rohm is ambitious and has decribed Hitler as a 'traitor' to the Nazi movement.
  • The army was small - 100,000 men.
  • The army approved of Hitler's policies: e.g. Rearming Germany (going against TofV) and to take back land - Lebensraum.
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