How effectively did the Nazis control Germany?

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  • How effectively did the Nazis control Germany?
    • Nazi Party
      • Began with 33% of the Reichstag and less than 1/3 of Germany voted nazi
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      • Reichstag Fire - February 1933 and the Enabling Act 1933
        • The Nazis blamed the fire on the KPD and scared people with Communism
        • Started the Enabling Act as it was an emergency
          • Hitler could make laws without the Reichstag or Presidential support
            • Banned all trade unions
            • Banned all other potential opposing parties
            • January 1933 - Only Nazi leaders in power.
            • Started terror tactics with the ** and Gestapo
              • Spied on everybody to make sure they were in line
              • People started Denounciation
                • More power for Hitler
            • Hindenburg died 2nd August 1934
              • Hitler had full power and became Fuhrer
                • Made people take an allegiance to Hitler
    • Didn't control it well
      • 1.5 Million children up to the age of 18 didn't join the Hitler Youth
        • Many opposed it
        • Rival gangs such as the Eidelweise Pirates and the White Rose encouraged people to ignore Hitlers requests.
          • Listened to American music.
      • Nazi propaganda made out the depression was better than it actually was
      • The KPD and Trade Unions could have potentially made it very difficult for Hitler as they controlled the working classes.
      • 2 Million SA men
        • Big threat to Hitler
          • Night of the Long Knives
            • Killed many opponents including Ernst Rohm.
              • Little stood in his way


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