Basic troubles of Henry VI

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  • Henry VI 1437-1450
    • Foreign policy
      • Failure as he lost land in Frace
        • Fall of Maine -handed over to French 1446
        • Enlgish seized normandy (1449) causing the battle of Formigny (1450)
        • Final loss of Fance (1453), lost Gascony, only Calais remaining
      • Divisions over conduct, E.g Gloucester wanted war, Beaufort wanted peace
      • Tours Treaty 1444- Agreed the marriage of MoA and secret surrender of Maine
    • finiance
      • Spent most money on education E.g. Kings college and Eton
      • Giving lots of patronage
      • spent it on himself
      • Bankruptcy
    • Domestic policy
      • collective responsiblity by nobles- Lack of strong king
      • Golden age of household officals
      • Rising levels of violence- Shires
      • Factions and Aristocracy gaining power
    • One the most disastrous in English history
      • 15 year minority
      • Depostition
      • Civil War
    • Illness
      • August 1453-Catatonic Schizophrenia
        • Left kingdom without active head of state
        • Margaret of Angou became more politically important-increased political tension
        • 2 key issues- Succession and nature of future government
          • York Appointed protector


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