health, fitness and well-being.

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  • Physical health and wellbeing.
    • Organs.
      • aerobic- CV fitness.
      • musculo-skeletal system.
      • body composition.
    • Lack of disease.
      • reduces obesity.
      • makes muscles and bones healthier and more flexible.
    • Everyday tasks.
      • makes you stronger & fitter.
      • everyday tasks are easier.
      • overtraining can have a negative effect.
    • Long-term benefits.
      • prevents high blood pressure.
        • cholesterol is removed from elastic artery walls.
        • blood can flow easily- reduces coronary heart disease & strokes.
      • weight bearing exercise prevents osteoporosis
      • osteoprosis is when your bones become fragile.
    • Diabetes.
      • your body does not produce enough insulin or it doesn't respond correctly.
      • you maintain a healthy weight.
      • exercise helps you become more sensitive.
    • emotional health
      • improves self esteem.
      • competing can help you deal with pressure.
      • endorphins reduces depression and serotonin levels increase.
    • Social health.
      • you can make friends of different ages.
      • practice teamwork- useful in workplace.


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