PE health and fitness

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  • Health and Fitness
    • Health
      • A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
      • 3 components: physical, mental and social
        • Social health and well-being refers to the idea that basic human needs are met(food, shelter), having support and suffers little stress.
          • Taking part in sport has social benefits
            • Provides opportunities to socialise, encourages co-operative and team-working skills and ensure that essential human needs are met.
        • Physical health: all body systems are working well, so you are free from illness and injury.
        • Mental health is: A state of well-being where every individual realises his/her own potential.
    • Fitness
      • The ability to meet/cope with the demands of the environment
      • Improvements in fitness will:
        • Improve your ability to cope with the demands of your environment, reduce chance of suffering injuries, makes it easier to complete physical work and makes you feel happy and content.
    • Well-being
      • A mix of physical, social and mental factors that gives people the sense of being comfortable, healthy and happy.


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