Hardwick Hall - factors

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  • Hardwick Hall: Factors
    • Social Factors
      • The result of Hardwick Hall being built
        • Shows independence & how she is capable to be wealthy and stable regardless of her relationship status
      • Moving close to her childhood home
        • Presents how she feels comfort in being close to her childhood home
      • Bess' home consisted of various elements which were considered to be fashionable e.g long galleries
        • Presents how she's still modern & sophisticated and shows how she enjoys flaunting about her wealth  & status through her possessions
    • Economic factors
      • Gained a lot of money through her failed marriages
        • Allowed her to gain money to fund for her building of Hardwick Hall
        • Left her to be one of the wealthiest women in Elizabethan England
    • Political factors
      • Clearly displayed how much power and money she had gained through her marriages
        • Shows how she was able to move up the hierarchy (social mobility wasn't very common)
      • Having her home built on a hillside
        • Clearly displays how much land she owns (symbol of wealth)
      • All her marriages were with men of a high status
        • Aided her ability to climb the social ladder from low gentry to high gentry


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