hardwick hall

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  • Hardwick Hall
    • location
      • Derbyshire near chesterfield
      • Where she was born
      • in the countryside
      • not close to anything very secluded
    • Bess Hardwick
      • Countess of shrewbury
      • married 4 times
        • 2nd marriage brought chatsworth house
        • 4th marriage brought title countess
      • second wealthiest woman in England
      • good friends with the queen
      • all about status and power
      • everything showed her wealth
      • 8 children
    • Why was it built?
      • started to argue with 4th husband earl of shrewsbury
        • he effectively kicked her out
      • her granddaughter Arabella had a claim to the throne
        • place for her to show off to royalty
    • Key Features
      • symmetrical on all 4 sides
      • height of ceilings came progressively higher
        • bottom lowest for servants
        • middle her floor higher
        • top floor highest for royalty if visited
      • more glass than wall
        • lots of tiny pieces for one big pane
      • modern design & structure
      • didn't have wooden shutters
      • coat of arms and initials on each tower
      • 6 turrets
      • lots of colourful tapestries
        • colour meant wealth
      • long galleries
        • full of portraits


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