H is for Hawk

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  • H is for Hawk
    • Hawk is personified throughout
      • this shows the companionship she needed after the death of her father
    • 'Don't want you to go home with the wrong bird'
      • ironic and also foreshadowing
    • 'carefully tied string'
      • juxtaposes fierce hawks
    • 'and' repetition in second paragraph
      • adds to chaos and pace
    • 'wild eyes the colour of sun'
      • metaphor shows that the hawk is a wild animal
    • 'alien brain'
      • she has no understanding of the hawk
    • 'Oh.'
      • anti-climax. Disappointment shown in one word paragraph
    • 'This isn't my hawk... But this isn't my hawk'
      • repetition shows stream of consciousness and panic
    • 'sound like a thing in pain'
      • nothing beautiful, no wonderment from Helen
    • 'some madness from a distant country'
      • reinforces that this is not her hawk: lacks intimacy
    • list of metaphors in second paragraph describing hawk show how she elevates the hawk above humanity and is in wonderment.


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