Taking on the World

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  • Taking on the World
    • Introduce the idea of hardship
      • "The hardest climb to date"
    • Repetition reinforces hardship
      • "harder and harder"
    • Personifies the boat this establishes a relationship
    • Uses direct speech to reflect personal strength
      • "Come on kiddo"
    • Verbs reflect struggle against elements
      • "Cling on"  "Snow began to fall"
    • Vivid descriptive language allows reader to share experience
      • "Eyes closed and teeth gritted"
    • Language less formal at the end of the task
    • Sensory language
      • "The wind whistled past us"
    • Danger shown by acknowledgment "It would not be hard to break bones"
    • Organised and conscientious
      • "I worked hard through the night" - huge effort to prepare and get it right
      • Ägonized for hours
    • Figurative language lets reader understand feelings and vulnerable nature of task. Also the danger
      • "A world over which I had no control"
    • Aimed at people with interest in sailing technical terms are not explained.
      • "Halyards"


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