Your Guide to Beach Safety

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  • Your Guide to Beach Safety
    • variety of different techniques to convey the info such as diagrams, simple text, bold colours that draw the reader’s attention
    • Picture on front shows 2 kids being watched by a lifeguard
      • Happy and safe environment
    • Colours are shown in blocks and are used to convey the tone of each page and section of the brochure
    • Emergency numbers in bold.  Short and easy to remeber
    • small description and colours  of the flags makes it and easy and simple task to follow
      • easier for the reader to visualize it and be more aware of it
    •  Imperatives give clear orders about what should be done at the beach
    • Trusted official logo creates a sense of legitimacy and quality  information
    • Symbols are big and bold very eye catchy
      • key information such as a phone number or survival tip
    • Contrast emphasized by pause, it is subtly trying to persuade us to donate.
    • Rhetorical question – the final page is more obviously persuasive 
    • “eternally” helps to emphasize how much impact the lifeguards had on the lady’s life.
    • A name is given and also the time when the accident happened which makes it more realistic.
    • Simple easy diagrams which make it easy to follow and helps to emphasize
    •  Blue background could represent the sea while earlier colours such as yellow may represent the sun and sand
    • Impressive statistics show how important they are for beach safety 
      • Factual detail which shows how serious they take their job


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