H is for Hawk

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  • H is for Hawk
    • Admiration for the man
      • 'All at once I loved this man, and fiercely.'
      • 'Through all this the man was perfectly calm'
      • 'for the first few days of her life this man fed her'
    • Love
      • 'My heart jumps sideways'
      • 'A reptile. A fallen angel. A griffon from the pages of an illuminated bestiary.'
    • Linguistic Technique
      • Foreshadowing
        • 'Don't want you going home with the wrong bird.'
      • Metaphor
        • 'My heart jumped sideways.'
        • 'She is a conjuring trick'
      • Similes
        • 'A sudden thump of feathered shoulders and the box shook as if someone had punched it hard from within.'
        • 'Her feathers raised like the scattered quills of a fretful porpentine.'


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