How does the writer bring out their thoughts and feelings of Simon and Joe?


How does the writer bring out the thoughts and feelings of Simon and Joe?

The writer uses various language techniques and methods to bring out the thoughts and feelings of Simon and Joe.

Both Joe and Simon's accounts are written in the first person narrative which allows the reader to be diecticly exposed to their thoughts and feelings. It is as if the readers can hear both of the individuals' thought processes. Joe describes how he, "thought of the drop below," and Simon reveals that he, "felt tired". These are examples of information that the readers would not know, had the passages been written in third person narrative. 

Joe uses a lot of vivid and sensual language to describe the pain he feels when he falls. He uses onomatopoeic language when he describes that he, "felt a shattering blow in (his) my knee." This incorporates the readers' sense of sound and they can practically hear his knee breaking. He uses sibilance when he writes, "splitting, and screamed," which emphasises the sinister nature of the situation that he is in. He describes that the, "pain flooded down (his) my thigh." As the pian is being likened to a liquid, the readers can understand how quickly it is spreading and how he feels like it is consuming him. The readers can build up a vivid image and empathise with Joe more.

Joe also uses a lot of contrasts and juxtoposition in his extract. He writes, "Everything was still, silent. My thoughts raced madly." This emphasises the gravity…


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