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  • germany
    • rise to power
      • SA
        • used as a gang like organisation used to scare their opposition
      • weakne**es of the weimar
        • never had a majority- led to a coalition
        • president could  over ride decisions
        • frequent change of governments
        • chancellor was appointed by the president not the reichstag
      • tov 1919
        • lost memel,danzig, alsace lorraine ,schleswig(denmark)
        • put blame on Germany
        • lost all their colonial po**e**ions and were not allowed to anschlu** (treaty with austria)
        • army was limited to only 100,000 men ,(no tanks ,heavy guns ,aircraft or submarines),only ships le** than 10,000 tons
        • Germany had to pay £6,600 million (in 1921 it was chosen)
        • Germany forbidden from joining the league of nations
    • germany during the war years
      • early war years (1939-1942)
        • the war was fought away from the country
      • late war years (1942+)
    • consolidation of power
      • children
        • had special schools for aryans who were smart and fit for them to become stronger
        • schooling was much more militarised with them teaching fitne** and using science for artillery and explosions
        • they were taught that jews were le**er in biology
        • they were encouraged to join the hitler youth (both men and women)
      • **
        • used as bodyguards for hitlers
          • seen as elite and only accepted aryans
          • also used to take out key political opposition
      • gestapo
        • Hitlers secret police
          • would arrest people for acting "weird"
          • often were involved with people who were undercover and gave them info
            • set up by Goering in 1933 and became under the control of Himmler in 1936


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