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Paper 1 consists of 3 compulsory topics that will have been chosen by your teacher. for each of these three topics you will need to answer three questions which will be the same for each of the topics.

the first question for each of these topics is the describe question. it is worth the least marks and will be preceded by a statement which will give you some help answering the question. the question is worth 4 marks, so don't go overboard on describing the event.


Describe the main events of the Moroccan crisis which took place in 1905/6


Kaiser William II was arrogant and always wanted a 'place in the sun'. he did not want to see France extend her north African empire so decided to establish a German influence in Morocco. his desire to develop 'weltpolitik' was the cause of this, so he tested the strength of the entente cordiale by invading Morocco. he rode into Tangier on a white horse and made a speech in which he declared that Morocco should remain independent of Francs.

the second question for each of these topics will be a sources based question. you will need to test…




Thanks could you please explain what the weltpolitik is? 




sorry i didnt catch that before the exam. it literally means world poltics. its the idea that germany should control other countries.

how did you find the exam? :)

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