Germany 1919-1945

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Topic One: The Weimar Republic

The Aftermath of World War One

World War One lasted from 1914-1918. Fighting ended with the armistice on November 11th 1918. The winners (france, Britain and the USA) then imposed peace treaties on the losers in particular Germany. 

World War One has caused Devastation

Millions of people were dead of injured. Countries like Belguim and France were devastated. The main powers had spent to much money of the war. Many people wanted Germany to take all the blame, especially in Britiain and France, so Germany and her allies werent allowed to take part in the talks. Everyone wanted to make sure a war like this wouldnt happen again, but they couldnt agree on how to do this.

The results of the Treaty of Versailles were servere

The peace settlement between the winners and Germany, known as the Treaty of


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