France human factors

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  • France - human factors
    • Urbanisation
      • Urbanisation is associated with industrialisation occurred in France
      • began in 1930
        • urban population overtook the rural population
      • 1950s France started to catch up
      • in 1999, 75.5% of the pop. were living in 361 urban areas
      • largest urban area - Paris
        • home to 9.6 million
      • pop. in Paris will increase by 16% by 1990 and 2020
    • Urbanisation continued...
      • other suburbs and rural districts around them have experienced a rise in the inhabitants
      • suburbs- total pop. 9 million
        • increase of 800,000 million between 1982 and 1990
      • pop. of towns and city centres decreased by over 700,000 people
      • future pop. growth will increase by 30-37%
        • Provence- Cotes d'Azur and Languedoc - Roussillon
      • last 20 years within these areas pop. has grown rapidly
      • Rhone-Alps, the centre and Aquitaine associated with modern electric industries
      • Coalfields of the north & Alsace Lorraine now in decline due to migration of younger people
    • Government influence
      • Trying to encourage new industries to locate away from Paris Region to the Peripheral regions like Rennes Bordeaux & Toulouse
      • How?
        • Made it difficult to get planning permission
        • Charged high on tax on profits
        • provided incentives for industries to relocate to the perhiperhal regions
          • such as improve infrastructure, building industrial estates and decentralising a number of public service jobs
        • Targeted towns for growth
          • These towns given financial assistance to develop industry in hope people would leave Paris
        • plans= successful
          • has been considerate growth away from Paris
        • although greater Paris region still has highest densities of pop.


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