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Geography AS Human Geography G2

Population change
1) Fill in the table

Chad Ghana UK Italy France

Birth Rate

Death rate

Fertility rate

Pop growth



2) Sketch the DTM with labels for each stage
3) Write out 4 facts about Chad
4) Write out 4…

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Geography AS Human Geography G2

22) Write out 3 facts about the impacts of gender structures on Australia

23) What percentage of adults infected with HIV are women?
24) What percentage of HIV infections are passed through hetrosexual sex?
25) Where do 2/3'ds of people infected with HIV live?

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Geography AS Human Geography G2

63) How much did life expectancy increase in the uk in the last decade?
64) What are the 3 strategies in managing an ageing population?
65) What is France's total fertility rate?
66) By 2010 what had happened to the population?
67) What are the…

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Geography AS Human Geography G2

109) Name 5 implications of a rapidly growing population
110) Describe an example of voluntary migration due to social/political factors
111) Describe an example of voluntary migrants due to economic causes
112) Describe an example of forced refugees due to economic causes
113) Describe an…

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Geography AS Human Geography G2

141) What did the percentage of Sheffields minority ethnic population grow by?
142) How many south Asians are there?
143) What is ASSIST Sheffield?
144) Name 3 organisations who work to help asylum seekers and what they do to help

Settlement change
1) Define nucleated…

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Geography AS Human Geography G2

31) What are the perceptions of a rural idyll? (8)
32) Describe 4 urban issues
33) What is studentification?
34) What are the features of it?
35) What is gentrification?
36) What are the features of it?
37) Positives of gentrification (3)
38) Negatives (4)…

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Geography AS Human Geography G2

77) What is the one requirement?
78) In 2008 what was the average house price in relation to the country?
79) Fill in this table

Age Bakewell Total national

0-14 780 9270000

65+ 1200 7800000

80) What were the 3 main strategies in 2006-2009?

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Geography AS Human Geography G2

114) How many branches has llyods closed in wales in 2009?
115) Research suggests what about the rural idyll?
116) Name 5 negative social impacts of this ^
117) What are the four aspects of the Southampton city centre action strategy?
118) In 1981 what…


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