Unit 4: Forestry - Forestry in the UK

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  • Forestry in the UK
    • Traditional wood uses
      • Building materials, fuel, pipes, tools
      • Original 'wildwood' = Broadleaf Woodland
      • Most wildwood has been heavily managed to increase product output
    • Mature trees
      • Mature timber used for building/ship frames - strong and reliable
    • Coppicing - trees cut to ground level every 8-10 years (long, narrow stems produced)
      • Coppiced hazel - fencing and wall panels
      • Coppiced oak -  charcoal and leather tan
      • 8-10  rotation produces greater habitat and wildlife diversity
    • Pollarding - trees cut to 4-8ft every few years (long, narrow stems produced)
      • Animals cannot eat new growth
      • Pollarded ash poles - timber for roofs
    • Wood use since industrial revolution
      • Reduce wood need - replacement with metal and plastics
      • Used for simple structural uses e.g. flooring, furniture and paper
    • Modern Plantation Forestry
      • Forestry commission - increase timber supplies
      • Plantation management
        • Large scale conifer plantation on low value land
        • Large areas planted at same time - good for organisation
          • Produces habitats with little wildlife variety
        • Non-native conifers - quick growing and few pests (poor habitats)
        • Monocultures
        • Geometric shaped plantations = eyesores
        • Trees planted close together = more competition so high quality, tall and straight trunks
    • Uses of forests
      • Timber production
      • Public recreation/ education
      • Carbon sequestration
      • Wildlife conservation
    • Forest Parks- forestry commission areas open to public for recreation
    • National Forest - area where woodland creation and countryside management is carried out for local community and wildlife benefits
    • Community Forests - managed & planted forests for community benefits - usually around urban areas


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