Laws + Agreements to promote Sustainability

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Laws + Agreements to promote Sustainability            

Sustainable Development- economic development that attempts to satisfy the needs humans but in a manner that sustains natural resources and the environment for future generations     

The first global meeting to discuss environmental issues was in 1972. This was the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The areas it focused on were population growth, pollution, increasing use of natural resources and commercial whaling.             

The World Comission on Environment + Development first met in 1982. The United Nations arranged the commission and Gro Harlem Brundtland lead the commission. The Report of the World Commission on Environment + Development: Our Common Future was produced in 1987. The key topics covered were sustainable development, pollution, natural disasters, population growth, increasing use of natural resources, food security and sustainable energy resources.     

The United Nations Conference on Environment + Development met in 1992 and was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The areas of sustainable development considered were monitering production of toxic compoments, alternative sources of energy, more reliance on public transportation systems and greater awareness + concern over the growing scarcity of water. Agenda 21 was the programme of actions developed as a result of the conference.             

10 years later, another summit on sustainable development…


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