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Environmental Science
Unit 3: Energy resources and pollution...
Unit 4: Biological resources and sustainability...
By Ellis Minney…read more

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What does unit 3 entail?
Energy resources- renewable and non-renewable
Secondary fuels
Environmental impacts of energy use
Future of energy supplies
Properties of pollutants
Atmospheric pollution
Water pollution
Heavy metal pollution
Noise pollution
Solid wastes…read more

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Energy and society
· As society developed, a range of
energy resources were harnessed that
meant necessary tasks could be carried
out more efficiently. The increased
discovery of resources enabled society
to developed even further.
·The discovery of energy resources was
very useful, but it has lead to the
wasting of fossil fuels as we use energy
for things which are not necessary.…read more

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Secondary fuel: An energy source
which is produced by converting a
primary source.
The conversion of primary fuels
to secondary fuels is not 100%
efficient…read more

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Per capita energy consumption
in different countries
Energy consumption has increased as the
worlds population has grown, but per capita
consumption has also increased. Much of the
energy used is due to industry.
Factors which affect per capita energy consumption
in different countries:
Relative cost of energy
Level and type of energy
Social and environmental awareness…read more

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Agriculture and
· Fuel for machinery
· Manufacture of
chemicals e.g.
Transport fertilisers
systems ·Food processing
·Storage ­refrigerated
How is
energy used?
· Transport of goods
·Machinery operation
·Energy to cause energy use
chemical reactions
·Heat for drying
·Heat of distillation…read more

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