A2 Unit 4 revision keywords and acronyms

Renewable resources
Resources that are reformed relatively quickly
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Primary fuel
energy soure harnessed from the environment
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Secondary fuel
energy source produced by converting a primary fuel.
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What is electrolysis?
Usind electrical energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen can then be used as a secondary fuel. Also used to produce aluminium from bauxite
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What is a MEDC?
A more affluent country
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What is an LEDC?
A less affluent country; less developed
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non-renewable resource is?
a resource that is either finite or is replaced so slowly it is effectively finite.
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reduce amount of resource available
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Energy density is?
Amount of energy in a particular mass of fuel.
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process or resource not constantly available eg wind energy
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What does overburden mean?
The layers of rock or soil that need to be removed before a mineral seam is reached
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What gas is "natural gas"?
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What is the name given to a dam built across an estuary to generate tidal power?
A barrage
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Is tidal power a) intermittant b) unreliable
it is intermittant but reliable
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What is HEP?
Hydroelectrical power
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What does CFC stand for?
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Name an organo-chlorine used as a pesticide.
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Name two toxic heavy metals
Lead, mercury
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A liposoluble substance is?
soluble in fat
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A substance that causes birth abnormalities is called
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A substance that causes cancer
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a process where two substances (or more) produce a greater effect than the sum of their individual effects
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A secondary pollutant is?
a pollutant produced by chemical reactions involving primary pollutants
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An atmospheric pollution event where pollutants from vehicles interact under sunny conditions when there is a temperature inversion
photochemical smog
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What does PAN stand for?
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How are PANs produced?
Interaction between oxides of nitrogen, ozone and unburnt hydrocarbons (generally diesel fuel)
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What units are used to measure acidity and alkalinity?
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A measure of pollution based on the presence, abundance and state of health of selected living orgnanisms?
biotic index.
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Ozone is beneficial in the trophosphere or the stratosphere?
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where is ozone a pollutant?
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UV-A breaks down nitrogen dioxide to nitrogen monoxide and what?
monatomic oxygen (O)
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Monoatomic oxygen and diatomic oxygen react to give?
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smoke + fog gives?
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nitrogen oxide + ozone + hydrocarbons + sunlight gives?
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UK legislation to control smoke pollution
Clean Air Act 1956
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international agreement to phase out CFCs?
Montreal Protocol 1987
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BOD stands for
Biological Oxygen Demand
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unit of sound used to measure noise pollution
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Measure of noise pollution used to monitor aircraft noise pollution around airports
Noise and number index (NNI)
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Name a radioactive gas that is an alpha emitter
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What is electrolysis?


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