Antioxidants, Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Gelling agents and Thickeners

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  • Additives
    • Antioxidants
      • A molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules
        • Prevents rancidity/food Deterioration
      • E300-E399
      • Health benifits
        • Prevents the build-up of fatty deposits due to oxidation reactions in the body
      • Examples
        • Citric acid- E330
        • Asorbic acid- E300
        • Calcium lactate- E327
    • Emulsifiers Stabilisers Gelling agents Thickeners
      • Thickeners
        • Makes food thicker
        • Gellan gum- E418
        • Guar gum- E412
      • Gelling agents
        • Gives shape and structure
        • Gelatine- E441
        • Gelatine- E401
      • Emulsifiers
        • A substance which stabilizes an emulsion
        • Sodium alginate- E401
        • Methyl cellulose- E461
      • Stabilisers
        • Help to maintain the physical and textural properties of foodstuffs through their production, transport, storage and cooking
        • Agar- E406
        • Carrageenan- E407
      • Generally E400-E499
    • Health issues
      • Linked to causing cancer
      • They cannot cause allergies but at high doses they can cause reactions or intolerances in some individuals
    • E number
      • A series of numbers with the prefix E indicating a specific food additive recognized by the European Union and used on labels of processed food


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