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  • Flexibility
    • Definition
      • The range of motion around a joint or series of joints.
      • Static Flexibility
        • The range of motion without taking into account the speed of movement
      • Dynamic Flexibility
        • The range of motion taking into account the speed of movement reflecting the joint's resistance to movement
    • Factors Affecting Flexibility
      • Joint Shape
      • Length/ Elasticity of Connective Tissues
      • Muscle Length/ Elasticity
      • Type of Joint
      • Gender
      • Nerves
      • Muscle Mass
      • Temperature
      • Hypermobility
      • Flexibility Training
      • Age
      • Elasticity
    • Tests
      • Sit & Reach Test
        • Person places feet against a specific box with legs straight & knees locked. Subject reaches forward and over the box, pushing a straight object as far as possible along a set scale.
      • Goniometry
        • Use of a specific protractor in order to measure the angle through which a given joint rotates through.
    • Flexibility Training
      • Static Stretching
        • Unassisted with the performer actively completing a voluntary static contraction of an agonist muscle.
      • Ballistic Stretching
        • Use of momentum to move a joint freely through to its extreme end of range of point of resistance.
      • Dynamic Stretching
        • More controlled version of ballistic stretching.
      • PNF Stretching
        • Aimed at inhibiting the stretch reflex mechanism in order to increase flexibility
      • Adaptations & Benefits
        • Increased Elasticity/ length of muscle.
        • Increased resting length of muscle
        • Muscle spindles adapt to the increased length reducing the stimulus to the stretch reflex.
        • Increased RoM at a joint before the stretch reflex is inhibited.
        • Increased potential for dynamic and static flexibility.
        • Increased distance & efficiency for muscles to create force and acceleration


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