Changing places key words

Defined as a location with meaning. Places ca be meaningful to individuals in ways that are personal or subjective. Places can also be meaningful at a social or cultural level and these meanings may be shared by different groups of people.
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'Where'a place is, for example the coordinates on a map.
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This is the place where something happens or is set, or that has particular events associated with it.
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Sense of Place
This refers to the subjective and emotional attachment people have to a place. People develop a 'sense of place' through experience and knowledge of a particular area.
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The deliberate shaping of an environment to facilitate social interaction and improve a community's quality of life.
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Perception of Place
This is way in which place is viewed or regarded by people. This can be influenced by media representation or personal experience.
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Insider Perspective
Are from people who are familiar and have experienced places, they may have developed a sense of community and know a lot about a place. Would be likely to oppose developments within their local area.
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Outsider Perspective
Some whose opinion towards an area is neutral as they have no experience of an area, they may feel 'out of place'.
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Experienced places
Are those places that a person has spent time in.
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Media places
Are those that the person has only read about or seen on film.
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Near places
Places that feel like home, where people would live in a similar way to which we live. Form our national identity as a country and our own identity.
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Far places
Places that we see as foreign or different. Recognise a division between 'them' and 'us'. We are from here and they from there.
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Endogenous factors
Refres to the characteristics of the place itself or factors which have originated internally. E.g. location, physical geography, land use.
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Exogenous factors
Refers to the relationship between one place with other places and the external factors that affect this. The demographic, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of a place are shaped by shifting flows of people, resources, money and investment.
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Agents of change
These are people who impact a place whether through living, working or trying to improve that place. Examples would include residents, local government and media.
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It disassociates a place from bad pre-existing images such as social deprivation, high levels of crime etc. It can then attract new investment, retailing, tourists and residents.
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Is the way in which a place i re-developed and marketed so it gains a new identity.
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It is a long term process involving redevelopment and the use of social, economic and environmental action to reverse urban decline and create sustainable communities.
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Quantitative Data
It is in numerical form and is collected through measurement. I t is therefore objective and may be processed using statistical and other techniques.
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Qualitative Data
It is recording peoples opinion and judgement towards a matter e.g. interviews.
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Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.
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Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes or opinions.
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Cultural characteristics
These are to do with how people live their lives and include the food they eat, theirs customs, clothing, traditions, language etc.
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External Agencies
An organisation that acts to influence people's sense of place, or even create new meanings about a place.
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Lived Experience
Comes from being in a place. It is built from the day-to-day activities of living, working and taking part in activities in that place.
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'Where'a place is, for example the coordinates on a map.

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