PE factors affecting performance revision

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  • Factors affecting performance
    • Gender
      • Men
        • Larger hearts and lungs.
        • Larger oxygen capacity.
        • Larger muscle mass.
        • Longer to mature.
      • Women
        • More flexible.
        • Flat pelvis.
        • Higher fat percentage.
        • Smaller muscles.
    • Disablility
      • Physical, mental, permanent, temporary.
      • Sports adapted: lower hoops in basketball.
      • Equipment's adapted: bell in football.
      • Disability classification: grouped with people with the same disability.
      • LEGAL: access: wide doors for wheelchairs.
      • LEGAL: parking: disabled bays.
      • LEGAL: provision: lifts and classes for disabled people to access.
    • Age
      • Injuries
        • Likely to get more injured at an old age.
        • Longer to recover at old age.
        • Gradual build up of wear and tear.
      • Strength
        • Decreases as we age.
        • Weight training is suited for certain age groups.
        • Early 20's is your peak.
      • Oxygen carrying capacity.
        • Reduces with age as heart becomes less efficient.
        • Arteries lose their elasticity which increases blood pressure and reduces blood pressure.


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