TIDGE! Factors affecting Health

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  • Factors Affecting Health
    • Unbalanced Diet
      • Excess carbohydrates or fat can cause obesity
      • Obesity-Being 20% (or more) over the maximum recommende-d body mass
      • Hormonal problems can also lead to obesity (But very rarely)
      • Obesity can cause health problems like arthritis, type 2 diabetes & high blood pressure.
    • Lack of Exercise
      • People who exercise regularly are usually healthier than others who don't.
      • Exercise increases the amount of energy your body uses
        • It also builds muscle, which boosts your metabolic rate
      • You can sometimes be fit but unhealthy
        • You can be physically fit but malnourished at the same time because your diet isn't balanced
    • Inherited Factors
      • People can inherit factors that will effect their metabolic rate
        • People can inherit an 'underactive thyroid gland', ,which can lower your metablolic rate
          • Which can cause obesity
      • People can inherit factors that affect their blood cholesterol.
        • Cholesterol is crucial for good health. If there are high levels of it, it can increase the risk of heart disease


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