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Blood pressure
Blood pressure is measured in mmHg
There are two measurements of blood pressure
-Systolic pressure , Pressure in the arteries
when the heart contracts
-Diastolic pressure, pressure in the arteries
when the heart relaxes
Systolic pressure is always the higher
The blood pressure of a heavy person is, 120/80…read more

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Factors that can increase of
decrease someone's blood pressure
Increases- Stress, high alcohol intake,
smoking or being overweight
Decreases- Regular exercise and eating a
balanced diet…read more

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High blood pressure can cause blood vessels to
Kidney damage
Heart attack…read more

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Low blood pressure
Low blood pressure can lead to-
Poor circulation
This is because the blood supply to the brain is
reduced…read more

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Fitness and Health
The difference between health and fitness
Health- Is being free from disease
Fitness- The ability to do physical activity
Level of fitness is generally measured by your
cardiovascular efficiency…read more

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