Keeping Healthy - Diet and Exercise

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  • Keeping healthy - Diet & exercise
    • Healthy diet = right balance of different foods & right amount of energy
      • Carbohydrates, fats, poteins are used by body to release energy and build cells
      • Mineral ions and vitamins needed in small amounts for healthy function of body
      • Malnourished if persons diet not balanced
        • May lead to being overweight/underweight/ deficiency diseases and or type 2 diabetes
    • person looses weight if energy content of food less that amount expended by body
      • exercise increases the amount of energy expended
    • Metabolic rate = rate at which all chemical reactions in cells of body are carried out
      • Metabolic rate varies with amount of activity person does and the proportion of fat in your body
      • Metabolic rate affected by inherited factors
    • inherited factors affect health
      • eg  cholesterol level
    • People who exercise reguarly are usually healthier than those who take little exercise


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