EWT - Evaluation of Research

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  • Eye Witness Testimony - Evaluation of Research
    • - Research mainly lab based: lacks ecological validity --> emotional responses will not represent real life
    • + Reliability, more control of extraneous variables.. can replicate w/ similar results
      • E.g. Loftus and Palmer used a standardised procedure of pps watching the same video clips
    • + Cognitive interview developed from the research
      • Involves: 1. recalling events from different perspectives
      • 2. remembering event in different order
      • 3. re-instating context and mood
      • 4. recalling every detail
    • + Research allows investigation which would be unethical to do in real life
    • - Demand Characteristics; pps know they are in a study
      • If students are used they may work out the aim or try harder in the tests as they are used to being tested
        • Also affects generalisability


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