Criminological Practical

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  • Criminological Practical
    • Aim
      • Investigate EW reliability by summarising two articles, applying research into EWT to explain the cases.
    • Procedure
      • Researched using internet cases involving EWT
      • Rejected articles with insufficient detail on the EWT recall and details of the case
      • Found two articles on EWT cases where witnesses may have recalled information incorrectly
      • Read the articles, identifying different aspects of the EW behaviour and recall that could be caused by factors like weapon focus
      • Noted key points, using EWT knowledge to apply to case
      • Evaluated the research by identifying problems with the research ideas
    • Findings
      • EWT led to wrongful convictions of Jean Charles de Menezes
      • Court and police procedures needs to be revised
      • Explain how case is related to EWT factors
    • Conclusions
      • EWT found unreliable in two cases --> should be used w/ caution in court rooms
      • Police be aware when questioning, avoid using leading questions
      • Witnesses taken back to scene to use as state or context cues


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