Eyewitness Testimonies


Things that affect eyewitness testimonies

  • Misleading question information
  • Post event discussion
  • Anxiety Levels
  • Time between the event and recall
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Loftus & Palmer Experiment 1 break down

  • 45 participants
  • 5 groups
  • Changed the verb in the leading question - 'Hit', 'Smashed', 'Collided', 'Bumped' and 'Contacted'
  • From changing the verb, 'Smashed' participants said the vehicle was going 40.5mph (ave), and the verb 'Contacted' participants said the vehicle was going 31.8mph (ave).
  • Conclusion - Leading question affects EWT
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Loftus & Palmer Experiment 2 Breakdown

  • 150 Particpants
  • 3 groups
  • Group 1 watched the video and went home
  • Group 2 watched the video (hit)
  • Group 3 watched the video (smashed)
  • Conclusion: leading question impacted EWT
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Evaluation of Loftus & Palmers research.

We cannot generalise the experiment as all P's were students, one experiment has large sample size compared to other one. Was done just in USA so cultural bias. Useful to lawyers and police. Low eco-validity, not true to life, experiment could have caused psychological damage.

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Jason Winter


Hope someone finds this of use :)

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