Field Description and Evaluation (using Yuille and Cutshall, EWT and Leading Questions)

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  • Field Description and Evaluation (using Yuille and Cutshall, EWT and Leading Questions)
    • IV manipulated by researcher to see effect on DV.
      • Changed verbs lead to inaccurate memory recall.
    • Less control over EVs.
      • Pps. had time to discuss on-goings and watch the news- change recall.
    • Natural setting/task.
      • Witnessed real shooting.
    • + Reliability
      • All pps. asked the same questions.
        • E.g. did you see the yellow quarter panel.
    • + Validity
      • Real life setting of a Canadian shooting.
    • - High DC
      • Would have to have interviews and give accounts.
        • May have experimenter effects.
    • +Low DC
      • Pps. would not be suspicious as they would expect to be interviewed.
    • + Questions generate quantitative data (Objective)
      • Pps. did or did not see headlights and panels.


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