Extreme tourism: nepal

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  • Extreme Tourism: Nepal
    • Location
      • Island locked coutnry
      • Central Asia
      • Contains 8/10 of the highest peaks in the world
      • Contains part of the Himalayan mountain range
    • Activities
      • Rafting
      • Biking
      • Paragliding
      • Jet-skiing
      • Trekking
      • Mountain flights
    • Environmental impacts
      • Positive
        • Waste land can be used
      • Negative
        • Littler pollutes the environemt
        • Tourists may trample on plants and animals
          • Footpath erosion = flooding
        • Tourists create deforestation as the cut down trees for fires
        • Fires disturb animals
        • Waste pollution causes harm to environment if not buried at least 50 m away from water source
    • Social impacts
      • Positive
        • Creates many jobs like tourist guides
        • Employs over 130,000 people
        • Income tax can be used by local counsel to be spent on education and health care
      • Negative
        • A new group were non- Sherpas  but they couldn't cope with the high altidudes
        • This create conflict due to social inequality
        • Sherpas benefited alot  they had a high income, but some become drug addict and ruined their  reputation
    • Management
      • Protects the environment
        • Illegal to interfere with the wildlife or their habitat
        • Not allowed to walk on vegetation or pick flower/plants
        • Law states tourists not allowed to use fuel wood
        • Reforestation
      • Reduces pollution
        • Waste is buried in cat holes or recycled
        • Vegetable or food scrapes are given to animals
        • Waste is burnt or is biodegradable
          • Litter picks
      • Saving fuel
        • Kerosene gas is used instead of wood for cooking
        • Travel ecologically (by horse)
    • Economical impacts
      • Negative
        • money will have to be spent on repairing foot path erosion
        • Westerns bring over disrespectful ways of life so police force will have to be increased
        • Relative poverty due to a high cost of living


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