extreme environments: Nepal

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  • extreme environments - Nepal
    • location
      • central asia
      • land locked county
      • capital is called kathmandu
      • contains part of the Himalayas mountain range
        • hishest in the world is found in Nepal 8848
        • contains 8/10 of the highest peaks in the world
    • Nepal
      • one of the five most undeveloped nations in the world
      • gross national product (GNP) per Capital of US $ 320 (UK GNP  is US$ 28,870
      • environment
        • 35% of the country is covered in forest
        • 20% is protected as a national prak
      • wildlife
        • exotic orchids
        • butterfilies
        • birds
      • activities
        • trekking
        • rafting
        • paragliding
        • biking
        • canoeing
        • microlight aircraft
        • cable cars
        • jet skiing
        • boating
        • mountain flights
        • jungle safari
        • bungie jumping
    • mangement
      • saving fuel
        • travel ecologically (by horse)
        • kerosome gas is used instead of wood for cooking
      • reduce pollution
        • waste is burnt
        • vegtable or food scraps are given to stock animals
      • protect environment
        • it is illegal to interfere with wildlife or their habitat
        • not aloud to walk on vegetation or collect flowers or plants
      • encourage tourists to go to a wide range of areas.
        • and to stay in designated camp-sites (advertising them better)
    • social impacts
      • positive
        • created many jobs eg tour guides
          • employs over 130000 people
        • income tax can by used by the local council to be spent on education and health care
      • negative
        • a group called the Sherpas benefited alot  they had a high income, but some become drug addict and ruined their  reputation
        • a new group formed these were non- Sherpas  but they couldn't cope with the high altidudes
          • this created conflict
            • a group called the Sherpas benefited alot  they had a high income, but some become drug addict and ruined their  reputation
    • environmental impacts
      • positive
        • wasted land can be used
      • negative
        • tourist create deforestation as they cut down trees to build fires
        • fires disturb animals natural  habitats
        • litter pollutes the natural environment
        • tourists may trample on plants and flowers
        • waste pollution can cause harm to the environment if not buried at least 50 m away from a water source
    • economical
      • positive
        • tax created can be used to improve infrstructure
        • to government can use money to manage tourism
        • 8% of wealth is dependant on tourism
      • negative
        • money will have to spent on replanting trees
        • westerns bring over disrespectful ways of life so police force will have to be increased
        • money will have to be spent on waste disposal
        • money will have to be spent on repairing foot path erosion
  • 35% of the country is covered in forest


Mr A Gibson


Very, very thorough case study of Nepal... and at the same time accessible. This is perfect for giving you the information you need to prepare a high level answer for those longer questions. For a level 3 answer you need to have specific details that are unmistakaly linked to your example - and you have more than enough of these in here.



this is really good



wow this is a great source of information thanks so much jk

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