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Reasons for the rise in Tourism
· Longer holidays
· More disposable income
· Better transport networks
· Greater media awareness…read more

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Environments attracting Tourists
· Mountains eg Sagarmatha National Park,
· Coasts eg Blackpool, England
· Cities eg London…read more

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Contribution of UK Tourism
In 2010 tourism in the UK accounted for 2.53
million jobs and brought in £115bn to the
economy, £16bn from overseas tourists.
Tourism is expected to have a steadily increasing
contribution to the UK economy because of:-
· Favourable exchange rates:
1/2008 £: = 1.53; 1/2009 = 1.32, 1/2010 = 1.03
· Increased overseas visitors for the 2012
Olympics…read more

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Reasons for the decline in tourism
for UK Coastal Resorts
· Cheap package flights to the Mediterranean
since 1970 allowed UK working classes the
chance of guaranteed hot sunny weather.
· Higher expectations by the paying public.
· Traditional bucket and spade holidays lose their
fashionable appeal.
· Longer holidays allow fortnight bookings,
encouraging overseas holidays.
· Lack of investment from local authorities causes
the infrastructure to become run-down eg flaky
paintwork and graffiti ­ discouraging future visits.…read more

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UK Coastal Resort Life Cycle Model: Blackpool
· 1860s ­ seaside becomes fashionable for the
affluent/wealthy as railways make coastal resorts accessible.
· 1890s ­ Day trippers include factory workers helped with
bank holiday excursion trains.
· 1920s ­ One week factory holidays increases the
tourists/staying visitors.
· 1950s ­ increased paid holidays with a post-war economic
· 1970s ­ decline due mainly to overseas package tours.
· 1980s ­ resort either:-
· declines eg Herne bay;
· rejuvenates itself eg Blackpool
· Uncovers niche market eg oyster festival at Whitstable…read more

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Blackpool: Strategies
To counter the Mediterranean competition Blackpool now:-
· Offers wet weather facilities such as indoor swimming
· Extended the `illuminations' season through until
· Diversified with year round activities such as Business
· Built a range of night clubs to successfully tap into the
`stag-do-hen-party' market,
· Expanded the range of rides such as the rollercoaster.…read more

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