Liberalism 2012 June 10 marks

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  • Explain why, for liberals, liberty and individual responsibility are closely linked. (10 marks) 
    • notion of responsibility more prominently features in New Progressive Liberalism
      • Rather than in classical liberalism
      • New Liberals => strong belief in social obligation
        • New liberals: T.H. Green, L.T. Hobhouse, and John A. Hobson
          • saw individual liberty as something achievable only under favourable social and economic circumstances
    • Whilst liberals accepted the importance of individual (negative) liberty 
      • New Liberals argued 
        • individuals could not consider themselves to be completely free merely to pursue their own interests 
          • Individuals have a social obligation and responsibility
            • to consider the needs &welfare of others
    • Late 19th Century
      • New Liberals argued
        • poorer sections of society unable to benefit  from the economic freedoms classical liberals were so committed to
          • How can they prosper and progress if not given opportunity?
            • NEEDED state intervention
              • to provide
                • Education
                • Healthcare
                  • Liberty DEPENDED on wealthy individuals contributing
                    • Via taxation
                    • Pensions
                    • Education
                    • Housing
                • Housing
                • Pensions
      • ONLY achieved if...
        • state served as a responsible vehicle
          • for the enhancement of liberty
    • classical liberals also held firm views about responsibility 
      • albeit individual responsibility
        • Championed by Samuel Smiles
      • Help from others = Weakening
      • Self-help = Strengthening




Good for bulletpoints but doesn't really help explain why liberty and individual responsibility are closely linked.

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