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  • Evaluation for Treating Phobias
    • Systematic Desensitation
      • Research has shown that systematic desensitationis effective in treatment
      • Systematic desensitationis suitable for  a diverse range of patients. Learning difficulties can make it very hard for some patients to understand what is happening during flooding or to engage with cognitive therapies
      • Systematic Desensitationis preferred by patients, because they do not cause the same degree of trauma as flooding.This is shown in the low refusal rates and low attrition rates of SD
    • Flooding
      • Flooding is just as effective as other treatment, but studies have found flooding is quicker than alternatives. This is a strength because it means that patients are free of their symptoms quicker making the treatment cheaper
      • Flooding however is said to be more traumatic, as the patients are often unwilling to see it through to the end. This is a limitation of flooding because time & money are sometimes wasted, as patients will sometimes refuse to start or not complete the treatment
      • Flooding is less effective for some types of phobias


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