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  • Evaluation of Asch
    • Perrin & Spenser
      • Repeated Asch's Study with engineering students in the UK
      • Only 1 student conformed in 396 trials
      • It may be that in the 1950s when Asch ran his study, the time period was more conformist
      • Society has changed a great deal since then, which is a limitation as Aschs's findings may not be consistent across time
    • The control group showed the task was easy, so participants may have shown demand characteristic which is a limitation
    • Study took place in a lab, and the participants were in a group which is artificial so the findings can't be generalised to everyday situations
    • Lab Experiment so there was good control, and the study can be repeated easily due to the strict control
    • Ethical Issues
      • Participants were deceived they thought the other people were guanine participants they were confederates
    • Sample was all male and all american
      • Women might be more conformist as women are more bothered about being accepted
      • America is also a individualistic culture where people are more concerned about themselves rather than their social group


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