milgram evaluation

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  • Milgram Obedience Evaluation
    • Low Internal Validity
      • It is possible that the participants didn't really believe they were inflicting electric shocks & they were showing demand characteristic
      • But Milgram claims participants stressed reactions showed they believed the experiment was real
    • Good Ecological Validity
      • Milligram argued the lab experiment reflected real life between authority figure and the participant
      • Hofling et al, found that obedience levels were found to unjustified demands by doctors were high
      • This suggest the findings in Milgrams study can be generalised as his findings do have value about how obedience operates in real life
    • Ethical Issues
      • Participants were deceived to the true nature
      • Participants were informed of their right to withdraw as they were prompted to continue if stopped
      • Didn't give informed consent


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