Evaluative Practical F326

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  • Evaluative Practical F326
    • "You will be evaluating different methods of determining a formula"
    • Thermal Decomposition
      • E.g. Carbonates or hydrated salts forming oxides and gases (Redox)
        • Can work outmass , mol and ratio of oxide to carbonate  (x)
      • Heating
        • Hydrated salts observations= Water vapour, condensation, gas, glowing splint relights, white solid at end
    • Dehydration
      • Gravimetric method
        • When determining x in hydrated salts
          • Weighing hydrated- heating to anhydrous-- heat to constant mass for accuracy and precision
            • Weigh anhydrous mass and take from hydrated for mol of H20 etc
              • Heat to constant mass mean keep reheating hydrated salt and reweighing till constant mass reached
            • May overheat and decompose, moles increase and Mr decreases
    • Titration
      • Issues
        • Accuracy problem when making the solution
          • Dissolving the solid then rinsing the equipment
            • If done incorrectly (e.g. solid left on equipment) moles decrease and Mr increases
              • Conc. increase= moles increase
                • Moles of smaller ratio will decrease
                  • Mr of smaller ratio increases
              • More decimal places on balance= smaller % error
    • Precipitation
      • Aqueous +aqueous (e.g.carbonate or halogen formed as solid) forming a solid precipitate


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