David Crystal - English as a Global Language

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  • David Crystal (2003)
    • 1. Why a global language?
      • What makes a global language?
        • Power of its people - especially their political and military power
          • Militarily powerful nation to establish (GB), economically powerful one to maintain and expand (US)
      • Why do we need a global language?
        • Technology
        • Prospect that Lingua Franca be needed for whole world emerged since 1950s
        • Lingua Franca
        • Pidgin
        • In communities where many languages in contact
          • Bilingualism does not readily apply
          • Political, economic or religious influence of a foreign power
      • Dangers?
        • Linguistic triumphalism
        • Linguistic power
        • Linguistic complacency
        • Linguistic death
      • What could stop it?
        • Machine translation
    • 2. Why English? Historical context
      • Geographical-historical
      • Socio-cultural
      • Political, economic and technological power of UK and USA
      • Kachru's three concentric circles of English
    • 3. Why English? The cultural foundation (important factors in 19th century)
      • Political movements
      • Access to knowledge
      • Taken for granted
    • 4. Why English? The cultural legacy
      • Pervasive everywhere in international relations; media; international travel; international safety; education; communications
      • Author's view: happened at the right place at the right time. Without plotting, colonization, power, would only be spoken in those scattering islands
    • 5. The future of global English
      • Need of intelligibility and preservation of identity inner circle Englishes
      • Common core grammar
      • Marginal differences new Englishes: distinctive features, but still intelligible standard language and other varieties do not conflict with each other
        • Can co-exist
      • 'World standard spoken English' hypothesis




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