Effect of violent video games

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  • Effects of violent video games
    • Anderson and Dill
      • Creates feelings of anger and bodily arousal
      • Go through appraisal process
        • Interpret situation and consequences of aggression and chose response
      • Reinforces
        • Watchful for enemies
        • Aggressive actions
        • Hostile Expectation Bias
        • Positive attitude to use of violence
        • Violence seen as effective and appropriate response
    • Reinforces sterotypes
      • Jansz and Martis
        • Females appear as often as men in leading roles of 12 recent games
        • Emphasis on sexuality
        • All characters white
      • Gentile and Anderson
        • Encourage education and learning
        • Helps socialization
    • Situational Cues
      • Anderson and Bushman
        • Exposure to cues increased physiological arousal
        • Magnitude of effect similar in men and women
    • Unsworth et al
      • Quake II
        • Increased anger in some ps
        • Majority= no change
    • Anderson and Bushman
      • Ps exposed to either violent or non-violent game
        • Given story, i.e. man in traffic and asked to predict subsequent actions
          • Violent video game group= more expected aggression
      • Hostile Expectation Bias


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