Positive + negative effects of video games

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  • Positive & Negative Effects of Computer & Video Games
      • Sims & Mayer (2002)
        • Found players of the game Tetris had improved spatial skills of that required in the game
        • Recent study - good time validity
        • Tetris is a well known game that has been around for a long time
        • Game is very basic and has basic graphics
        • Correlational study - cannot determine cause and effect
      • Gentile et al (2009)
        • Conducted 3 studies in 3 countries with 3 age groups
        • Found that in the US, college students who played pro-social games behaved more helpfully towards another student than those who played violent video games
        • Found that pro-social game playing related to pro-social behaviour in 10-17 year old Japanese pp's.
        • Generaliseable- 3 countries, 3 age groups
        • Looks at long-term effects
        • Recent study
      • Gentile et al (2004)
        • Carried out a survey on 607 US students with an average age of 14
        • Asked them to name their 3 favourite video games, say how often they played them and to rate how violent each one was
        • Found no correlation between time spent playing violent video games and aggressive behaviour
        • Good sample size
        • Can only be generalised to the US
        • Correlational
      • Carnegy et al (2007)
        • Found that those who played violent video games before watching the violent film had a lower heart rate and GSR than those who did not play a violent video game.
        • This shows that the children who played a violent video game before watching a violent film may have become desensitised to the violence
        • Recent study
        • Done in USA - ungeneraliseable
        • Lab experiment - low external validity




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