Discuss the effect of video games on social behaviour

- Research into the effects of video games on aggressive/anti-social behaviour with methodological AO2

- Desensitisation (+ AO2 from Carnagey et al)

- Bi-directional model

for AQA A PSYA4 - Section B (Media Psychology)

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"Discuss the effects of video games on social behaviour"

AO1 ­ Video Games and Aggression

Since the introduction of video games in the 1990's, there has been a
controversial link between the use of video games and subsequent
violent behaviour in those who play.
Real life examples of this are…

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for even a short amount of time seemed to activate or prime
participants for violence (thus supporting the cognitive priming
Bushman found that in longitudinal studies, those who had played
violent video games over a long period of time were generally more
aggressive and violent individuals.
In some smaller…

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This is empirical evidence to support the theory of desensitisation, as
the expected, natural reaction to seeing real life shocking violence is an
increased heart rate.

However, Carnagey's findings may not be fully valid as the findings are
based on a correlational relationship - NOT a causal relationship. For


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