Explanations of the video games and aggression link

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  • Explanations of the video games and aggression link
    • the bi directional model
      • Gentile and Anderson has proposed whereby although playing violent video games may cause an increase in aggressive behaviour but it is just as likely that people who already possess personality traits that originate them towards aggressive behaviour preferentially select  violent video games for recreational purpose
    • desensitisation (funk 1993)
      • people who are repeatedly exposed to violent games become desensitised to violence and are therefore less likely to show an adverse response towards violence in real life
    • interactive and passive video games (porter and starcevic 2007)
      • interactive media violence in video games may exert greater influence than passive media violence in tv and films as games reward violent actions and conveys a message that violent reponces are appropriate and effective
      • violent video games lack a moral scripts to guide behaviour because of the fast action player have little time to reflect on the menaing and consequences of violent responces


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